Microsoft Introduces “Continue on Phone” Feature for Bing Chat AI

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI, powered by ChatGPT GPT-4, is revolutionizing the way users can seamlessly transition their conversations between desktop and mobile devices. The latest feature, “Continue on Phone,” allows users to pick up their conversations right where they left off, making it easier than ever to stay connected on the go.

To test this exciting new feature, simply click the “Continue on Phone” button available to all users. Upon clicking, a QR code will appear on your desktop screen. If you don’t have the Bing app installed on your Android or iOS/iPhone device, the QR code will prompt you to download it.

For those who already have the Bing app installed, simply open the app or use any QR code scanner to scan the code. Instantly, the Bing Chat conversation will resume seamlessly on your mobile device. This real-time functionality eliminates the need to sign in and provides a unified experience across devices.

While the “Continue on Phone” feature presents great potential for streamlining interactions and showcasing the adaptability of Bing Chat AI, it is important to note that some users have experienced a few bugs during testing. For instance, the QR code often redirects users to the Play Store, even if the app is already installed. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s commitment to cross-device compatibility and seamless user experiences remains unchanged.

As users continue to embrace this feature, it sets a new standard for AI chatbots, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of convenience and connectivity. Whether you’re using Bing Chat AI through the SwiftKey keyboard, Microsoft Edge, or the Bing app, the goal is to empower users with a fluid and uninterrupted conversation experience.


Q: What is the “Continue on Phone” feature?
A: The “Continue on Phone” feature allows users to seamlessly transition their Bing Chat AI conversations from desktop to mobile devices.

Q: How can I try the feature?
A: Simply click the “Continue on Phone” button and follow the prompts to either download the Bing app or open it if already installed.

Q: Is signing in required?
A: No, the “Continue on Phone” feature works in real-time and does not require users to sign in.

Q: Are there any known issues with the feature?
A: Some users have reported experiencing bugs where the QR code redirects them to the Play Store, even if the app is already installed.

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