Introducing Petey: Revolutionizing your iPad experience with ChatGPT

Petey, the innovative iPhone and Apple Watch app that enables users to access ChatGPT, has received a major update, bringing enhanced functionality to Apple’s iPad devices. With a fresh interface tailored for larger screens, Petey now offers an improved and immersive experience while utilizing the power of the large language model (LLM).

But the update doesn’t stop there! Devoted developer Hidde van der Ploeg has gone above and beyond, introducing exciting new features that make engaging with ChatGPT even more enjoyable and effortless than ever before. In addition, van der Ploeg has addressed pesky bugs encountered on the Apple Watch and enhanced conversation sharing formats.

The updated Petey app is available for download from the App Store at an affordable price of $4.99. Users also have the option to unlock GPT-4 compatibility through an in-app purchase. Upon installation, iPad users will immediately notice the optimized interface, designed to seamlessly integrate with the larger display. Furthermore, the inclusion of keyboard shortcuts elevates the user experience by streamlining navigation within the app.

Let’s dive into the noteworthy additions! Flexibility is key with the ability to select specific words and sentences within ChatGPT’s answers. Additionally, for those preferring alternative music streaming services like Spotify, Petey now offers the option to fully disable Apple Music. These updates prioritize user choice and customization.

To top it all off, Petey now supports multi-window functionality, enabling users to run the app alongside other applications—increasing productivity and convenience.

Whether you’re in the midst of research, seeking assistance with writing assignments, or simply wanting to expand your knowledge base, ChatGPT is an invaluable tool. Thanks to the new Petey update, accessing this powerful language model on your iPad is now a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Q: How much does the updated Petey app cost?

A: The updated Petey app is priced at $4.99 on the App Store.

Q: What new features does Petey offer for iPad users?

A: The updated Petey app introduces an optimized interface for iPads, keyboard shortcuts for enhanced navigation, the ability to select words and sentences within ChatGPT answers, and the option to disable Apple Music for users who prefer other music streaming services.

Q: Can I run Petey alongside other apps on my iPad?

A: Yes! The latest update to Petey includes multi-window support, allowing users to utilize the app simultaneously with other applications on their iPad.

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