Revolutionizing Customer Service: PBT’s Innovative Chatbot Solution

PBT, a leading express courier and freight services business in New Zealand, has recently implemented an advanced chatbot technology to enhance its customer service operations. This investment has resulted in improved efficiency, streamlined communication, and an enhanced customer experience.

Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, Gary Boxall-Hunt, PBT’s National Manager – Customer Experience, actively sought ways to deliver an exceptional customer journey. After extensive analysis of customer interactions, he identified a significant pain point – customers were spending an average of six minutes on a phone call for simple inquiries. Determined to find a solution, Gary explored alternative communication channels and realized the potential of implementing a chatbot.

By introducing a chatbot, PBT could provide instant online responses, freeing up their experienced customer service agents to handle more complex queries. This innovation not only reduced call wait times but also resolved another challenge – educating customers about delivery expectations. Through tracking items, checking service expectations, and educating customers on self-service options, the chatbot served as an invaluable tool for enhancing customer knowledge and satisfaction.

To bring this vision to life, Gary presented a compelling business case to invest in a chatbot powered by GPT technology. Working alongside One NZ, PBT onboarded the Ambit digital employee. Awhi, PBT’s chatbot, was born in August 2022. The implementation process involved a collaborative conversational design workshop, where Ambit and PBT Customer Service Managers collaborated to create the foundation for key conversations.

Once Awhi was operational, the impact was immediate. During the peak holiday season, Awhi effortlessly handled around 200 conversations per day, significantly reducing call volumes and improving the overall customer experience. PBT’s dashboard monitored critical metrics, allowing for constant growth and improvement. Daily check-ins from Ambit ensured a smooth transition, addressing any concerns and providing ongoing support.

The successful implementation of Awhi has exceeded all expectations. The technology provided a significant relief for the Contact Centre while impressing clients with its user-friendly interface. Awhi has become an essential part of PBT’s operations, contributing to a reduction of more than 20% in call volumes and cost savings equivalent to one-and-a-half customer service agents.

With Awhi’s ongoing development and Ambit’s unwavering support, Gary is confident that PBT’s chatbot solution will continue to drive forward, revolutionizing the customer service industry. As they pave the way for other freight companies in New Zealand, PBT demonstrates its commitment to innovation and exceptional customer experiences.


Q: What is PBT’s investment in chatbot technology?

PBT, a large express courier and freight services business in New Zealand, has invested in chatbot technology to enhance its customer service operations. This investment aims to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.

Q: How does the chatbot improve customer service?

The chatbot, named Awhi, provides instant responses to customer inquiries online. This eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold during phone calls and allows PBT’s customer service agents to focus on more complex queries. Additionally, Awhi serves as an education tool, providing information on delivery standards and self-service options to customers.

Q: How was the chatbot implemented?

PBT collaborated with One NZ to onboard an Ambit digital employee, which powered the chatbot. The implementation process involved a conversational design workshop and backend development of conversation flows. Awhi was tested, and feedback was incorporated before its launch.

Q: What are the benefits of the chatbot?

The chatbot has significantly reduced call volumes, with PBT experiencing more than a 20% reduction. This has resulted in cost savings equivalent to one-and-a-half customer service agents. Additionally, the chatbot has improved overall customer satisfaction and perception of PBT’s delivery services.

Q: How does PBT plan to continue using the chatbot?

PBT views the chatbot as an integral part of its operations and will continue to work closely with Ambit for ongoing improvements and technological advancements. The aim is to further enhance the customer experience and solidify PBT’s position as an industry leader in customer service innovation.

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