TPIsoftware’s AI Solutions Garner Accolades and Foster Innovation in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Aug. 29, 2023 – TPIsoftware, a prominent software company in Taiwan, continues to make waves in the industry with its groundbreaking AI technology. Adding to its list of achievements, TPIsoftware recently received two prestigious awards at the Taiwan Young Award 2023. The company’s two proprietary software products, SysTalk.Chat: Conversational AI for Customer Service and DigiFusion: iPaaS Middle Platform, were recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field.

SysTalk.Chat, hailed as the champion of “Forward-thinking Technology,” boasts an all-encompassing Conversational AI service that has been adopted across various industries, including BFSI, transport, and healthcare. With its exclusive dual-brain design, combining Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database, SysTalk.Chat delivers human-like dialogues and incorporates voice recognition capabilities with minimal corpus data. Notably, it is the only visual chatbot in the market equipped with AI-OCR technology for intelligent character recognition in complex conversation and documentation scenarios. By integrating with the cutting-edge generative AI ChatGPT, SysTalk.Chat optimizes conversations and interactions and has significantly improved customer satisfaction while reducing labor costs for businesses.

Meanwhile, DigiFusion, an ISO 27001 certified iPaaS middle platform, provides cloud architecture, containerization, and microservices to drive cloud ecosystems. It offers enterprise-level API management through digiRunner, an AWS-certified tool that helps businesses expand their models. Additionally, DigiFusion features digiLogs, a centralized log management tool that ensures IT operational efficiency through diverse query methods and endpoint monitoring.

Jeff Lin, VP of Innovation & AI Product Division at TPIsoftware, emphasized how SysTalk.Chat has set a new industry benchmark and the potential for further integration with DigiFusion to enhance enterprise services. Through this integration, customer service can become more holistic, enabling activities like bank transactions through chatbot conversations.

CEO of TPIsoftware, Ben Yao, expressed the company’s commitment to digital transformation and highlighted their recent introduction of documentation solution and the sustainability management platform, GreenSwift, in response to evolving market needs.

TPIsoftware’s constant innovation and dedication have earned them recognition within Taiwan’s Information Service Industry Association. Their AI solutions continue to push boundaries and foster technological innovation in various sectors.


1. What is TPIsoftware?
TPIsoftware is a prominent software company in Taiwan that focuses on innovative AI technology solutions.

2. Which awards did TPIsoftware win at the Taiwan Young Awards 2023?
TPIsoftware won two awards at the Taiwan Young Awards 2023 – one for SysTalk.Chat in the “Forward-thinking Technology” category and another honorable mention prize for DigiFusion in the “Smart Application” category.

3. What is SysTalk.Chat?
SysTalk.Chat is a comprehensive Conversational AI service provided by TPIsoftware. It utilizes AI innovation, including dual-brain design, to deliver human-like dialogues and voice recognition capabilities. It also incorporates AI-OCR technology for intelligent character recognition, making it a unique visual chatbot in the market.

4. What is DigiFusion?
DigiFusion is an iPaaS middle platform offered by TPIsoftware. It features cloud architecture, containerization, and microservices, driving cloud ecosystems. It includes tools like digiRunner for API management and digiLogs for centralized log management.

5. How does TPIsoftware contribute to digital transformation?
TPIsoftware remains at the forefront of digital transformation, continually innovating its products and services. They respond to market needs with solutions like documentation and the sustainability management platform GreenSwift.

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