High-Throughput Computing: Revolutionizing Innovation in Multi-Cloud Accelerated Computing

Rescale, a high-performance computing provider built for the cloud, has introduced a new capability called High-Throughput Computing (HTC) on its platform. This feature allows for the execution of massively parallel computational jobs, which can greatly accelerate research and product development in various fields including semiconductor verification analysis, bioinformatics pipelines, and design space exploration.… Read the rest

The Role of Big Data Analytics in Biochips

Exploring the Potential of Big Data Analytics for Advancing Biochip Technology

As the size and scope of biomedical data continues to grow, the potential of big data analytics is increasingly being explored as a tool to advance biochip technology.

Biochips, or microarrays, are small devices used to detect and measure the presence or absence of a particular molecule in a sample.… Read the rest

The Role of Bioinformatics in Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology

An Overview of Bioinformatics in Understanding Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology

Bioinformatics has emerged as a powerful tool in understanding epigenetics and chromatin biology. This technology combines the principles of computer science and biology to analyze large datasets of biological information. It has enabled researchers to better understand the complex regulation of gene expression and the intricate mechanisms of chromatin structure.… Read the rest

Introduction to Bioinformatics: An Overview of the Field

Understanding the Basics of Bioinformatics: What is it and What Can It Do?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines biology, computer science, information engineering, mathematics and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data. It is used to analyze and interpret large amounts of biological data, such as DNA sequences, protein sequences, gene expression data and other data related to the biological sciences.… Read the rest

New High-Performance Computing System Opens Doors for CSU Research

From climate modeling to infectious disease research, Colorado State University (CSU) faculty and students are at the forefront of new discoveries. The addition of the Riviera High-Performance Computing System to the Data Science Research Institute (DSRI) at CSU will enhance researchers’ capabilities to solve larger and more complex problems using state-of-the-art computer hardware.… Read the rest