Capgemini Revolutionizes Customer Experiences with Generative AI

Paris, September 7, 2023 – Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services, has partnered with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, to usher in a new era of generative AI-powered customer experiences. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers by leveraging the transformative potential of generative AI.

The centerpiece of this partnership is the Generative AI for CX Foundry, a groundbreaking solution that automates customized content creation in a secure, ethical, and responsible manner. This foundry will enable the delivery of hyper-personalized, data-driven customer experiences, empowering businesses to reimagine their customer journeys and offer tailored solutions, personalized resolutions, and targeted campaigns.

Capgemini and Salesforce, who have a successful decade-long collaboration, bring a wealth of experience and expertise in data, AI, and customer experience to the table. By combining Capgemini’s deep understanding of CX and AI implementations across industries with Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM platform, the partnership aims to deliver efficient and scalable solutions using the power of generative AI.

“We are entering new frontiers with Generative AI, which will allow us to provide hyper-personalized experiences for both customers and employees,” says Jean-Marc Gaultier, Head of Group Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships at Capgemini. “This collaboration enables clients to leverage the potential of generative AI efficiently and at scale, while ensuring responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.”

The Generative AI for CX Foundry will help clients using Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology, to accelerate their generative AI investments. By customizing CX use cases for different industries, businesses will be able to unlock the enormous potential of AI in transforming customer interactions and driving business growth.


Q: What is generative AI?
A: Generative AI refers to the use of machine learning algorithms to create unique content or output based on patterns and data input.

Q: How can generative AI revolutionize customer experiences?
A: Generative AI can automate customized content creation, allowing businesses to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, tailored resolutions, and targeted campaigns to their customers.

Q: What are the benefits of the Capgemini and Salesforce partnership?
A: The partnership brings together Capgemini’s deep expertise in CX and AI implementations with Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM platform, enabling businesses to efficiently implement generative AI solutions at scale.

Q: What is the Generative AI for CX Foundry?
A: The Generative AI for CX Foundry is a solution developed by Capgemini that automates customized content creation using generative AI in a secure, ethical, and responsible manner.

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