TikTok Explores Integration with Lemon8 Social App

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, is reportedly exploring an integration with Lemon8, another social app owned by its parent company ByteDance. Product intelligence firm Watchful.ai has uncovered evidence suggesting that TikTok is developing a feature that would allow users to sync their Lemon8 posts to TikTok and enhance them using TikTok’s editing tools.

While no screenshots of the feature have been provided, Watchful.ai uses advanced methodologies such as computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and flow analysis to detect potential app changes ahead of their public release. Previous discoveries by Watchful.ai include upcoming TikTok features like an AI chatbot, a dedicated Shop feed, and video stickers.

TikTok has not responded to requests for comment regarding this integration.

Lemon8 gained significant attention earlier this year, coinciding with discussions among U.S. lawmakers about a potential TikTok ban or forced sale. The lifestyle social network originated in March 2020 but experienced a surge in popularity on TikTok’s video platform after influencers shared positive content endorsing Lemon8. These videos, which resembled organic endorsements rather than sponsored content, highlighted the app as a blend of Pinterest and Instagram. As a result, Lemon8 soared to one of the top ten overall apps on the U.S. App Store for several days in March 2023.

Insider previously reported that ByteDance had been compensating creators to promote Lemon8 on TikTok, aiming to establish an initial user base and generate content. By integrating Lemon8’s posts with TikTok, ByteDance could once again harness the reach of TikTok to attract users to Lemon8, generating new installations and fostering adoption. However, it remains uncertain when or if the cross-posting feature will be officially introduced.


What is Lemon8?
Lemon8 is a social app owned by ByteDance, the same parent company as TikTok. It serves as a lifestyle social network and gained significant popularity after influencers endorsed it on TikTok’s video platform.

What is the reported integration between TikTok and Lemon8?
The integration would enable users to sync their Lemon8 posts to TikTok and enhance them using TikTok’s editing tools.

Has TikTok responded to the reports?
TikTok has not provided any comments or clarifications regarding the integration with Lemon8.

Why was Lemon8’s popularity on TikTok significant?
Lemon8’s surge in popularity on TikTok occurred at a time when there were discussions about potentially banning or forcing the sale of TikTok. As an app owned by the same parent company, Lemon8 served as a backup plan to maintain user engagement and attention in the event of a TikTok ban.

Will the cross-posting feature be available to users?
It is currently uncertain whether or when the cross-posting feature will be launched. Its availability to users is yet to be confirmed.

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