Exploring Bella Hadid’s Revolutionary Bald Look for Marc Jacobs’ New Campaign

Bella Hadid, renowned for her daring fashion choices, has once again pushed the boundaries with her latest collaboration with Marc Jacobs. In a groundbreaking campaign inspired by artificial intelligence (AI), Bella left the internet in awe as she confidently rocked a completely bald look. The images from the campaign have sparked both shock and admiration online.

Known for her fearless approach to fashion, Bella has consistently surprised us with her unique ensembles and accessories, from the Schiaparelli gold necklace at Cannes 2021 to her undeniable influence in the world of street-style. Now, with her latest Marc Jacobs campaign, she continues to prove her ability to deliver unforgettable fashion moments.

In this AI-inspired campaign, Marc Jacobs and Bella Hadid have seamlessly merged fashion and technology. One captivating image showcases Bella transformed into a bald AI robot, complete with strikingly arched eyebrows and high cheekbones. The futuristic aesthetic is accentuated by her choice of earcuffs from the luxury label.

In other campaign photographs, Bella poses alongside a lookalike robot, exuding confidence in armor-like lingerie adorned with a metallic breastplate and a high-waisted thong, complimented by a silver abstract headpiece. The ensemble is tied together with sky-high black satin platform Mary Janes, showcasing the classic buckle synonymous with Marc Jacobs.

Additionally, an eye-catching shot features Bella posing with a mannequin sporting a flipped-out bob hairstyle. While Bella stuns in a printed one-shoulder crop top paired with a puffed mini skirt and jacket, her mannequin counterpart rocks a denim mini skirt and printed tee. The look is completed with bold Y2K-inspired eye makeup and a glossy berry-toned lip shade.

The internet erupted with astonishment when the striking images from Bella Hadid’s AI-inspired campaign were released. Fans and fashion enthusiasts took to social media to express their adoration for her boldness and flexibility as a model. Bella’s ability to push boundaries in the industry is truly commendable, and this campaign serves as a testament to her talent and courage.


Q: What was the inspiration behind Bella Hadid’s bald look for Marc Jacobs’ campaign?
A: Bella Hadid’s bald look was inspired by artificial intelligence (AI) for Marc Jacobs’ latest campaign.

Q: What other elements were present in the campaign?
A: The campaign featured Bella posing with a lookalike robot, as well as a mannequin. Various ensembles, including futuristic lingerie and bold eye makeup, were showcased.

Q: How did people react to the campaign on the internet?
A: People on the internet were shocked and amazed by Bella Hadid’s images from the campaign, praising her boldness and the stunning visuals.

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