Auburn University Montgomery Embraces the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) is making a bold move into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), but with a unique focus. Rather than creating AI systems, the university aims to equip its students with the skills to effectively utilize AI as a tool in various domains.

Under the leadership of Ross Dickens, the dean of AUM’s College of Business, the university launched its AI program last spring. The program initially offered two courses, one focused on introducing students to the fundamentals of AI, and the other centered around running models to improve AI predictability and enhance machine learning capabilities.

Now, AUM is preparing to expand its AI program further. Carl Stockton, AUM’s chancellor, recently sought approval from the Auburn University Board of Trustees to establish a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree program. Stockton believes that this program would not only meet the growing demand for AI professionals but also prepare students to lead organizations in leveraging AI for strategic decision-making.

The proposed program has already generated interest from the business community nationwide, and AUM is confident that it can leverage its existing resources to deliver a high-quality AI education. The university’s commitment to integrating AI into various disciplines sets it apart from other institutions that primarily focus on AI within engineering or computer science curricula.

The expansion of AUM’s AI program is contingent on the approval of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. According to Robin McGill, deputy director for academic affairs at the commission, they are excited about the prospect of an AI proposal from AUM. McGill clarified that the commission’s review process considers factors such as industry needs, program fit within the institution’s mission, capacity of the institution to offer the program, student demand, and program uniqueness.

AUM aims to use its AI program as a distinctive feature, attracting students who seek practical applications of AI across various fields. By providing students with the skills to effectively harness AI as a tool, AUM believes it can meet the demands of an evolving job market and empower future leaders in the AI realm.


What is Auburn University Montgomery’s approach to AI?
Auburn University Montgomery focuses on teaching students how to effectively utilize AI as a tool in various domains, rather than creating AI systems.

What courses are offered in AUM’s AI program?
AUM currently offers an introductory course to AI and a course focused on running models to enhance AI predictability and machine learning.

What is the proposed AI program at AUM?
AUM has sought approval to establish a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree program to meet the demand for AI professionals and equip students to lead the deployment and management of AI in organizations.

What are the next steps for AUM’s AI program expansion?
The proposed AI program requires approval from the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Once approved, the program can be implemented in the following term.

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