New Approach to Substance Use Monitoring in Schools

Schools are always looking for innovative ways to create a safe environment for their students. In an effort to address the rising concern of vaping on campus, the Islamic College of Brisbane has recently implemented an advanced solution. By deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the school hopes to effectively catch students in the act and deter them from engaging in this harmful behavior.

The college has taken a proactive approach by installing 40 HALO smart sensors throughout the premises. These sensors, similar in appearance to smoke detectors, have been strategically placed in areas prone to vaping incidents. Each sensor is equipped with sophisticated AI algorithms capable of detecting and analyzing water vapor patterns, providing highly accurate information to school staff.

While traditional methods of detecting vaping, such as manual inspections, have often proven to be inefficient and time-consuming, this AI-powered solution offers a more efficient and objective approach. The sensors function independently, continually monitoring the air quality and promptly alerting the staff whenever vaping is detected. This allows for immediate intervention, enabling the school to take appropriate actions to address the issue swiftly and effectively.


Q: How much did the deployment of the HALO smart sensors cost?
A: The Islamic College of Brisbane spent approximately $80,000 on the installation of 40 HALO smart sensors.

Q: What do the HALO smart sensors measure?
A: These sensors analyze water vapor patterns in the air to determine the presence of vaping.

Q: How do the sensors alert staff about vaping incidents?
A: The sensors are equipped with AI algorithms that promptly notify school staff when vaping is detected, ensuring immediate action can be taken.

Q: What benefits does AI technology bring to this initiative?
A: AI technology offers a more efficient and objective approach to detecting vaping incidents, saving time and resources while providing accurate information to school staff.

Q: Will this AI system replace existing enforcement methods?
A: No, the AI system will complement existing methods and provide an additional layer of support in monitoring and addressing vaping incidents on campus.

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