New Record Quarter Boosts Nvidia CEO’s Fortune to $46.1 Billion

Nvidia’s chief executive, Jensen Huang, saw his fortune soar by $4.2 billion overnight thanks to his company’s stellar second-quarter earnings. The software giant surpassed Wall Street’s expectations, recording a record revenue of $13.51 billion, a remarkable 88% increase from the previous quarter and a staggering 101% growth compared to the same period last year. As a result, Huang’s net worth reached $46.1 billion, landing him among the world’s top 25 wealthiest individuals.

Huang, a Taiwanese-born entrepreneur, co-founded Nvidia on his 30th birthday in 1993. Initially focused on revolutionizing three-dimensional graphics in the gaming and multimedia markets, the company has since become a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) computing. Nvidia’s success in the AI space has propelled its stock price, which soared by as much as 10% in aftermarket trading, hitting an all-time high of $512.50. Huang’s personal wealth is largely tied to his 3.5% stake in the company.

With demand for Nvidia’s AI chips surpassing supply by at least 50%, the company is strategically investing to secure its position in the market. Nvidia’s data center chips, used by industry giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and Microsoft, play a crucial role in advancing cloud computing and generative AI. As Huang stated, “A new computing era has begun.”

Looking ahead, Nvidia shows no signs of slowing down. Colette Kress, the company’s CFO and executive vice president, revealed that they expect $16 billion in revenue by the end of the next quarter. This strong financial performance indicates that Nvidia’s impact will continue to reverberate throughout the tech industry for the remainder of the year.


Q: How much did Jensen Huang’s net worth increase?
A: Jensen Huang’s net worth increased by $4.2 billion overnight, reaching a total of $46.1 billion.

Q: What were Nvidia’s second-quarter revenue and earnings?
A: Nvidia reported a record revenue of $13.51 billion for the second quarter. The data center revenue was $10.32 billion, while the gaming segment generated $2.49 billion in profits.

Q: What is the significance of Nvidia’s AI chips?
A: Nvidia’s AI chips are in high demand and are used by major tech companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Microsoft for applications such as cloud computing and generative AI.

Q: What does the future hold for Nvidia?
A: Nvidia is expected to maintain its strong performance, with an estimated $16 billion in revenue projected for the next quarter. The company’s success indicates a promising trajectory for the rest of the year.

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