WhatsApp tests AI-powered sticker creation feature

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, is reportedly testing a new feature that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to create custom stickers. The experimental feature, discovered by WABetaInfo, is accessible through the Stickers tab in the app. By tapping on the new ‘Create’ button, users can open the AI stickers window and simply enter a text prompt, such as “Cat laughing on a skateboard.” The AI algorithm will then generate a corresponding sticker based on the prompt. While it remains unclear which specific AI model is powering this feature, the report suggests that it is being securely provided by Meta, likely utilizing the new Llama 2 model. Currently in beta testing, it may take some time before this functionality becomes available to the general public.

Google Photos introduces AI-powered Memories view

Google Photos, the widely used photo management and storage service, is expanding its popular Memories feature with the introduction of a new view. Memories, which was introduced four years ago, presents daily highlight reels based on a user’s image gallery, including past images and those that have not been seen in a while. The new Memories view will be a separate tab in the Google Photos app, automatically curated and organized with the help of AI. According to Google, this feature will be rolled out in the U.S. first and will become available globally in the coming months. Users will find the Memories view in the updated navigation menu at the bottom of the Photos app for easy access.

China’s new AI regulation takes effect

China has recently implemented new regulations around the management of artificial intelligence activities. These provisions, known as ‘Generative AI measures,’ were developed collaboratively by six different government agencies and officially took effect on August 15. The guidelines were created to address and regulate AI technology in various contexts, marking an important step in China’s AI governance framework.

US Democrats establish working group to shape AI policy

To address the potential risks of deepfakes and other AI-related concerns, Democrats in the United States have formed a working group focused on shaping AI policy. This group, consisting of 97 House members and led by Representative Derek Kilmer, aims to prevent the misuse of advanced AI models and the spread of AI-generated disinformation. With mounting concerns about national security and the integrity of upcoming elections, the working group recognizes the importance of Congress swiftly developing a comprehensive understanding of AI to effectively address these issues.

GoDaddy enhances content creation with AI-powered instant videos

GoDaddy, a renowned Internet domain registrar, is empowering small businesses to create compelling video content with the help of artificial intelligence. Through its GoDaddy Studio, the company is introducing an innovative instant video feature that leverages AI capabilities. This feature enables small business owners to quickly produce social media and video content without requiring extensive technical expertise. By utilizing the latest technology, entrepreneurs can maximize the potential of video marketing, which is highly favored by social media algorithms, to boost engagement and drive business growth.

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